About EmbodyCom

Neuro-science confirms that movement and sensation are essential to learning. When we are moving we are growing brain cells. When we are moving while focusing with intention on a desired outcome, those brain cells organize themselves into the necessary sequence for that desired outcome.

The EM Method is a meditation process that frees up our natural inner movement and flow, bringing more sensation to play. This is important because feeling more sensation means we are receiving enormous amounts of information about where we are in relationship to what we are focused on. This up-regulates our nervous system and we become more precise, effective and powerful at whatever we are focused on and doing.

About the Author

Gina Carlson Gina Carlson is a meditation teacher and mindset coach. Gina developed the EMBODITATE METHOD to help people access their heart intelligence -- essential for building the mental, emotional and physical agility needed to thrive in our fast pace modern world.