The EMBODITATE® METHOD LIVE ON-Line Meditation Training Course

The EMBODITATE® METHOD blends movement and sensation focused meditation with the neuro-science of high performance, happiness and leadership. The training is delivered through four progressive 6 week sessions (Levels I, II, III, IV) either within a group or as individual training.

Group Trainings are limited to six participants per group. On completion of each level, you'll receive your own customized Emboditation Practice -- equal to that level and designed to build onto -- if you choose to progress through to the next levels. Customized Emboditation Practices are uniquely tailored to your specific needs and the results you are going for in life.

The process for moving onto the next level, is by way of understanding and ability of practice in the current level. For instance, a student may need to repeat certain sessions within a level before moving on -- to the next level. There is no extra charge for repeated sessions -- inside of a group training. Individual training students can jump into group sessions to repeat any sessions, as needed to reach understanding and ability of practice in their current level.

$461 Group Training COVID19 Special Rate $344
(6/2 hour group sessions)

$2063 Private Training COVID19 Special Rate $1567
(6/90 minute one-on-one sessions)

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The EMBODITATE® Method Monthly Membership

The EMBODITATE® Method Monthly Membership includes video and audio Emboditations posted weekly for all levels. You will have 24/7 access to guided Emboditation dives and meditations hacks. Whether you are looking to de-stress, gain clarity, re-set your career path or love relationship, sleep better or transform your life, 24/7 access to The EMBODITATE® Method Monthly Membership offers powerful support at a great value!

$7 a month or $69 annually

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The EM Method Mindset Coaching

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EMBODITATE® 2021 Retreat



Whether you are looking to de-stress, re-set or powerfully transform your life, this is the retreat you have been looking for -- to launch the life that YOU want and are meant for.

$1,849* including all retreat sessions + accommodations + meals

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